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At Bush Hill Park, we embed a vocabulary and reading rich PSHE curriculum that enables children to develop the knowledge and skills to keep themselves physically and mentally healthy, safe, and manage life’s challenges.

We have established a coherent and sequential curriculum that is carefully planned out to meet the needs of pupils throughout their academic journey. We create opportunities to develop attributes promoting diversity, acceptance, resilience, respect, and responsibility, in order to best access all areas of the wider balanced curriculum.

Children are encouraged to explore personal, social, health and economic issues within their lives, the school, and the wider community within an open and respectful community of learners. As a staff, we thoughtfully plan engaging and thought-provoking lessons that fulfil the National Curriculum objectives.

Our topics over the course of the year follow the same sequence across all year groups, and they include: Being Me in My World, Celebrating Difference, Dreams and Goals, Healthy Me, Relationships and Changing Me. We promote wholly inclusive attitudes within the pupils and school community and aim to raise the profile of our pupil voice in celebrating diversity throughout lessons and topics that teach children to be distinctly pro-inclusion and pro-diversity.

Ofsted (2013) - “Children with higher levels of emotional, behavioural, social and school wellbeing on average have higher levels of academic achievement, both concurrently and in later years

At Bush Hill Park Primary we aim to:
  • Implement a PSHE curriculum that enables children to develop the knowledge and skills to keep themselves healthy, safe and manage life’s challenges

  • To create opportunities to develop attributes such as resilience, self-esteem and self-awareness, in order to best access all areas of the curriculum

  • To encourage children to explore personal, social, health and economic issues within their lives, the school and the wider community
  • To support the planning of engaging and thought-provoking lessons that require teamwork and critical thinking, in the context of health and well-being, relationships and living in the wider world
  • Ensure a consistent approach to inclusive teaching practice for all pupils using Jigsaw and teacher planning

  • Maintain school ethos and values of respect, responsibility and resilience 

  • Continued emphasis and awareness of healthy lifestyle choices including focus on mental health and wellbeing of all children

  • Ensure PSHE and circle time remain prominent across the school, and are taught both discreetly and through creating cross curricular links

Support for parents

Bug Club 


Study schedule:

  1. At least 15 minutes of reading daily
  2. At least 15 minutes of addition / subtraction/ multiplication practice
  3. Completing Literacy homework on Teams
  4. Completing Maths homework on Teams
  5. Practising Spelling throughout the week for Friday quiz


Ways to support your child whilst at home:

To best support your child at home, make sure they are getting enough sleep, eating healthy and they are prepared for school. Be involved in your child’s mental health by asking them how they are feeling and if they are worried or upset by anything. Help them by giving them healthy ways of alleviating their stressors and be a person they can speak to when they are anxious. Ask your child to tell you about their day and what they learned at school. At home, practice their reading aloud and multiplication tables, ensuring that they complete and submit their work over Teams.


Websites to support children and families in their mental, personal, social, emotional health:

Suggested Reading

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