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Art and Design, Dance and Drama subjects at Bush Hill Park Primary School are highly valued. As educators, we acknowledge that the Expressive Arts subjects help more children achieve across other areas of the curriculum as they stimulate a variety of learning styles (kinaesthetic, aural, visual and verbal). They also play a unique role in pupils’ mental and physical well-being.

In addition, Bush Hill Park believes in preparing our pupils effectively for the 21st century, where the creative industries will play a large part in the UK and world economy. Therefore, we aim to provide all of our pupils, through the Expressive Arts, with the opportunity to become the inventors, problem solvers and team players of the future. Hence, future generations will be able to find solutions for and flourish in an ever-changing world.

In appreciation of the importance of these subjects, teachers will plan and support engaging and inspiring lessons that actively involve all children, and lead them to develop the key Visual Art/Music/Dance/Drama skills, (such as communication and team work). Expressive Arts lessons will also incorporate child-led investigative learning. This will contribute to their development as creative and collaborative individuals, who can think critically and converse clearly and coherently.

Throughout their time at Bush Hill Park, children are exposed to and explore a range of the arts, they are presented with annual opportunities to take part in external presentations and competitions both at the borough level and beyond.

Bush Hill Park Dance Skills Progression.pdf

Bush Hill Park Digital Art Skills Progression.pdf

Bush Hill Park Drama Skills Progression.pdf

Bush Hill Park Music Skills Progression.pdf

Bush Hill Park Visual Art Skills Progression.pdf