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We are proud to be a trauma informed school, where relationships are at the core of everything that we do! We have a strong ethos of inclusion and hold flagship status for the Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM). We encourage confidence, self-care, compassion, empathy and kindness towards each other and the wider school community. All staff have had extensive training and follow our behaviour policy which is based around our culture of a trauma informed school. Every interaction is an intervention and our approach is a restorative one. This approach is based on an understating of attachment theory disorder and how certain adverse childhood experiences impact the ability to learn, be able to self-regulate, and make meaningful relationships.

Trauma informed practice at Bush Hill Park Primary School;
  • Places relationships and a child’s sense of safety and security at the heart of classroom management
  • Encourages nurture, warmth and empathy even when a child is presenting with behaviours that may be challenging to an adult
  • Promotes a sense of community and belonging
  • Takes individual experiences and circumstances into account

Through research, evidence and our trauma informed practice, staff are able to guide and lead children effectively with particular focus on helping them with understanding the emotions that they are experiencing. Emphasis is placed on supporting children to recognise, talk honestly and openly about their emotions and find strategies to regulate in order to make the appropriate choices. This enables children to verbalise and tolerate their emotions and understand that there are a variety of strategies that they can use to support self-regulation.