Bush Hill Park Primary School

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Main Avenue, Enfield, EN1 1DS

Mrs Anna Theodosiou

At Bush Hill Park Primary School we want a curriculum for our children that will enable them to become: 


Successful learners who:

• Make good progress from their starting points in English and Mathematics

• Are able to use their Literacy and Numeracy skills effectively across the curriculum and in a range of practical contexts

• Are excellent communicators - verbally, in writing and through a range of ICT based media (including film, photographs, sound recordings, presentations, news articles, blogs, emails, posters, etc.)

• Are able and ready to think critically, ask questions and solve problems

• Have high aspirations and work hard to achieve their goals


Confident individuals who:

• Can work collaboratively with others because they are ready to listen and to contribute

• Are positive about learning, engaging in and taking responsibility for their own learning

• Are resilient, reflective and responsive

• Are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses and listen and respond positively to feedback on how to improve their learning


Responsible citizens who:

• Have respect for all faiths, cultures and ethnicities

• Are aware of global issues and act locally to improve the world

• Have a strong sense of moral purpose

• Take responsibility for their own learning and actions

• Are aware of the rights of the child and understand that rights come with responsibilities


If you prefer a paper copy of our policies or information from our website, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.