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At BHP we aim to sustain and develop a rich curriculum in mathematics supported by the main principles of Maths Mastery and association with high-quality teaching and learning tools that the NCETM provide.

The principles and characteristics of our mathematics curriculum: 

  • Concrete, pictorial, abstract representation 
  • Vocabulary rich environment  
  • Developing mathematical fluency
  • Children embed learning through full mathematical sentences
  • Carefully designed variation
  • Questioning that secures and deepens understanding
  • Ensure that all available learning time is utilised proficiently; including that of transitions
  • Learning follows a clear narrative, which is displayed in the worksheets
  • Cognitive load is reduced so that learners are encouraged to focus on the learning intentions 
  • Live modelling of concepts is paramount
  • Children access curriculum content at the same pace – keep up don’t catch up
  • Lesson design and implementation allows for key concepts to be broken down and embedded before new concepts are introduced
  • Teaching for Mastery at the heart of our intent and implementation  

Enriched opportunities enable our pupils to become self-motivated, confident learners who are able to use and apply mathematics, in a wide range of situations. Our mathematics curriculum employs approaches that help pupils to develop a deep and secure knowledge and understanding of mathematics at each stage of their learning journey, as well as enjoyment and passion for the subject. We recognise that mathematics is uniquely powerful in helping children; to make sense of and describe the world around them.  We also promote mathematical thinking and inquiry to challenge and extend learners potential.  

Our lesson designs are centered around the key intent and implementation of core concepts; to secure knowledge and extend skills. The implementation of our mathematics curriculum focuses on an approach to reduce cognitive load and ensure knowledge is accessible for all learners. Lessons are carefully designed in order to embed understanding and increase long-term retention and application across the years.

Bush Hill Park Maths Skills Progression.pdf