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At Bush Hill Park we are fortunate to have a fantastic PE program that not only teaches children key skills, but also helps promotes the values and wider ethos of our school.

Through PE we embed our core school values of respect, resilience, and responsibility through our focus on team skills, pupil led activities and the idea that to learn effectively children must learn from their mistakes. We encourage children to develop their language around different sports, dances, and skills to allow them to have a rich vocabulary within the subject area which encourages them to explain what they have learned and develop their confidence in speaking publicly. We aim to introduce children to a wide array of activities and sports from different disciplines and backgrounds enabling them to have a range of different experiences and focus on key sportspersons to draw motivation from.

At Bush Hill Park we offer:
  • 2 hours of structured curriculum PE each week incorporating and teaching skills across a wide array of areas
  • Structured physical games at lunch and break times. We ensure that throughout these activities the children focus on team work further developing their interpersonal skills
  • A variety of after school activities/clubs in partnership with our PE team
  • Whole school athletics day at Lee Valley athletics centre
  • Year 6 residential
  • A Health and Well-being week with rich opportunity for new sporting experiences and workshops that promote and encourage healthy bodies and healthy minds