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Mrs J Garrad & Mrs N Husband

At Bush Hill Park Primary School, all Year 2-6 pupils have the opportunity to study music and develop their performing, composing and appraisal skills. Pupils will learn about music from a variety of periods and genres, including classical, folk, popular and world music. Please visit the link below for further details. 

Music lessons provide a chance for pupils to develop their creativity through individual and collaborative work, and to gain confidence through performing to each other.

Pupils can develop their musical skills further by joining an extra-curricular club such as the Music Makers Club (for Years 1 and 2 pupils), the Years 5 and 6 Choir and Musical Theatre Club.​

Music Curriculum overview 2017/2018




Year 2

IPC Theme - People of the Past

The Elements of Music

Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf
(Classical Music)

IPC Theme - Time Travellers

Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’

Music for Occasions

IPC Theme - Hooray – Let’s Go On

Music from Jamaica – Traditional Folk

Music from Jamaica – Reggae


Year 3

IPC Theme - On Tap

Water Music
(Classical Music) – Sea

Water Music (Classical Music) – Water Cycle


IPC Theme - Fashion

Pop Music Genres –
The Locomotion

Pop Music Genres – Roar

IPC Theme - Scavengers and


Blues Music

NB: All classes will be taking part in a Whole Class Instrumental Programme (Recorder) run
by Enfield Music Service during Spring and Summer Terms.

Year 4

IPC Theme - Saving the World

Rainforests (Body Percussion)

Earth Song

IPC Theme - Chocolate

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Two Sides of a Coin: ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’
and ‘Free Trade Rap’


IPC Theme - Treasure

Classical Greats

Pop Greats

NB: Year 4 will be learning songs for the partnership music festival during Summer Term.
This will consist of 4 set songs and one of our own.

Year 5

IPC Theme - Moving People

Connections (Pentatonic Scales)

The Blues

IPC Theme - The Great,
the Bold and
the Brave

Ancient Greece – Democracy Piece (musical
ideas that have been voted on)

Olympic Games and Other Sporting Occasions
(National Anthems and Pop)


IPC Theme - Go with the Flow

Change (Minimalism)

Songs for Change – Protest Songs

Year 6

IPC Theme - Going Global

The Music Industry – Icons

The Music Industry – Music Videos

IPC Theme - AD900

Music from Africa – The Lion Sleeps Tonight
and West African Drumming

Music from Africa – Waving Flag (ukuleles)


IPC Theme-  Champions for

Songs for Change – Protest Songs

Year 6 Production


Click here to download the Music Overview 2017-2018 (PDF)