Bush Hill Park Primary School

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Mrs Anna Theodosiou

Bush Hill Park Primary School Vision and Values 

Our Vision 

Be The Best You Can Be! 

At Bush Hill Park Primary School, we believe all children should be provided with opportunities and experiences that enable them to become the best that they can be. We are committed to providing a positive, safe and stimulating environment for children to learn, where everyone is valued.  

‘Be The Best You Can Be’, reflects our understanding and belief that all children can achieve their full potential when provided with high-quality learning experiences based on a broad and balanced curriculum, along with unending pastoral support and access to guidance and care from our amazing pastoral team. 

We believe that education should take place in a fully inclusive environment with equal opportunities for all and that all children are taught to value religious and cultural differences. Our school sits at the centre of our local community with positive and effective links to the wider and global communities. 


Our Values

We enable all children to ‘Be The Best You Can Be’, by providing key learning opportunities throughout our curriculum and also through teaching children through our values based approach 

Our values are at the heart of all that we do for children at Bush Hill Park School and we have worked hard to ensure that they are not only embedded through our curriculum and behaviour system but also taught and referred to explicitly. Each individual child at Bush Hill Park School can confidently discuss our values; what they mean to them personally; how they help them access the curriculum and beyond and how they enable them to be the best that they can be.  


At Bush Hill Park School, we ensure that each child feels safe and respected in all that they do. We create a warm, safe and nurturing environment that is inclusive of all learners and enables each individual the opportunity to be successful in our school community through the value of respect. Children understand that respect is both a right and a responsibility that enables them success in any future aspiration.  


We ensure all our children become confident, independent learners with an enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge. Children of Bush Hill Park School understand that they too are responsible for their learning and for protecting the learning of others by contributing to the safe, encouraging environment.  


We encourage all learners to seek challenge. We teach children to understand how they learn and the skills they need to work through in order to engage with new challenges. Children are taught the process of learning and understand that making mistakes are part of this process and are to be seen as positives. This in turn enables all pupils to adopt resilience across all other areas of their lives, through interactions with others and through coping with change.  

How we embed our values across school life 

Our school values are explicitly linked to our curriculum and our school reward and behaviour system. Through this approach, children have been given the vocabulary necessary to take control of the values for themselves. They form part of our daily interactions with children and are embedded in the pastoral approach taken by all members of staff. Additionally, our values are reinforced through three encompassing school rules.  

Choose Kindness – we always speak to others with respect, we celebrate difference, we are responsible for ensuring our school is safe, we are part of one community and we always look out for each other. 

In the Zone – we take pride in the work we produce, we seek to improve, we create safe and productive learning environments, we commit to growing our resilience and we relish challenge. 

Above and Beyond – we represent our school with pride, we model positivity to those around us, we are always role models for others, and we involve ourselves in the school environment.  


Children at Bush Hill Park School aspire to demonstrate our values both inside and outside the school environment. And now will be your opportunity to share these values with family members and remember to always aspire to be respectful, responsible and more than ever resilient individuals as you adapt to new ways of interacting and working with others. We know you are respectful, responsible and resilient individuals and we look forward to seeing how these values develop even further and how you will share these once again with your friends and teachers.