Bush Hill Park Primary School

020 8366 0521

Main Avenue, Enfield, EN1 1DS

Mrs Anna Theodosiou

School Name :  Bush Hill Park Primary School                      

Term of Office for each category is 4 Years unless otherwise indicated below:

Name of Governor Category

Interest/ inc. Governorships of   other schools

Relationships Date (as at)
Roger Kingsnorth
Co-Opted Vice Chair at The Raglan Schools n/a 19/09/18
Monica Raphael
(Vice Chair)
Co-Opted Governor at First Farm n/a 22/05/19
Anna Theodosiou Headteacher None Marina Neophytou (AHT EYFS) 19/09/18
Paddy McCaffrey Co-Opted Governor at St. Georges R.C. Primary School n/a 19/09/18
Irina Pehkonen Co-Opted None n/a 19/09/18
Linda Warner Co-Opted None n/a 19/09/18
Elen Griffiths Co-Opted

Trustee of ‘Women for Refugee Women’

Employee of ‘Breast Cancer Now’

n/a 17/10/18
Rachel Sitch Parent None n/a 19/09/18
Lynne Palladino Staff None n/a 19/09/18
Jade Paul Co-Opted None n/a 22/05/19
Schantelle Henry Parent Year 6 Teacher at Raglan n/a 22/05/19
Lean Rodin Co-Opted Terrace Metrics (start-up working with LBE) n/a 22/05/19