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Mrs Anna Theodosiou

Family Learning

Bush Hill Park School is bringing fresh approach to teaching and learning in our local community. We are beginning to support our parents with courses to help with key computing skills. We are starting with ECDL. This will be a one year course with on site support on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. 


'The world's number one IT qualification'

The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is an internationally recognised qualification which enables people to demonstrate their competence in computer skills. Introductory, leisure, and basic IT units are available and are supported through workshops. Tried, tested and trusted, ECDL programmes have been delivered to over 11 million people, in 41 languages across 148 countries. Over 2 million people have taken ECDL in the UK since 1997.

Students will be supported for one academic year and are encouraged to completed the course within that time. They will be expected to attend the workshops on a regular basis and agree a learning plan which will include a timescale for sitting ECDL tests. 

It's what employers want

Employers need people who can contribute to achieving goals in the most efficient and productive way. ECDL gives you the computer skills to do this. That’s why it is recognised and valued by companies around the world as the benchmark in IT user competence. Over 2 million people have taken ECDL in the UK alone.

If you are interested, please call the school office and leave us your contact details including an email address. 

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