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All admissions are through the Enfield Admissions Department. The Nursery admits 60 pupils on a part-time (morning or afternoon) basis. Children are admitted at the start of the academic year in which they turn four. Parents/ carers may apply for a place through the Local Authority from the October-January before the child would start school.

Parents can find out about our school's admission arrangements through this department

School admission: The standard number of pupils in the rest of the school is currently 90. Nursery pupils need to re-apply for a place in Reception. Children are admitted to Reception at the start of the academic year in which they turn five.

Induction: Nursery and Reception staff visit the homes of new pupils before they start school, so that we can find out as much as possible about each child in order to meet their needs. Children start by visiting the school with their parent/carer and build up gradually over several days until they are ready to attend full time. Staff consult parents/carers constantly to ensure starting school is a happy experience for every child.

Casual Admissions: New parents/carers of children joining the school other than at the start of their school career meet with the parent support advisor. This enables the family to find out about the school and also ensures that we have all the information we require to meet the child’s needs. We also contact the child’s previous school so that teachers are well informed about the child. The Home/School Agreement sets out expectations of the school, the pupils and the parents/carers and must be signed by all parties before the child starts school.

Attendance: At Bush Hill Park School, we know that good attendance improves children’s academic achievements and developments. We are therefore committed to ensuring that children attend school every day. Should your child be too ill to attend school or have a medical appointment then you should inform the school office on the first day of absence before 10am. Our attendance officer follows up pupil absences each day and as a school we work with Enfield Local Education Authority to ensure good attendance rates.

Please note that it is school policy NOT to give permission for any absence for holidays during term time.

Children are expected to be on time to school and we operate a very strict monitoring system for pupils who arrive after 9am. Please also ensure that your child is collected on time at the end of the day – it can be very distressing for a child not to know when you are coming. If you are delayed for any reason, please telephone the school to let us know.

School Times: The school day begins at 8.50am. We operate with a 'soft start' system whereby children can go into class from 8.45am and begin their day with a 'ready to learn activity'. The school day ends at 3.15pm where children are collected from the playground.

Secondary Admissions

Our pupils usually transfer to secondary schools in the Borough. Approximately one third go to Kingsmead, which is the closest to Bush Hill Park.  The rest go to fourteen other state schools across the Borough.

The Gladys Aylward Bishop Stopford Chace Community
Edmonton County Enfield Grammar Lea Valley High
Highlands Enfield County Southgate
Oasis Academies St. Anne’s Kingsmead

We have established good communication links with these schools to ensure a smooth transition to secondary school.