Bush Hill Park Primary School

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Mrs Anna Theodosiou

Physical Education is not only an integral part of our school’s curriculum it is an essential element of our school ethos.

All children in KS1 and KS2 receive two lessons of high quality Physical Education each week as well as Active 15 sessions with their class teacher. The two lessons are split between Games, Gymnastics and Athletics (Summer Term). At Bush Hill Park Primary School we have a specialist Performing Arts Teacher who delivers Dance lessons across the school. When delivering the curriculum we follow the Enfield Scheme of Work, written by the Enfield PE Team. This has the KS1 & KS2 National Curriculum expectations at the forefront of their work. The Gymnastics curriculum is delivered by our own sports coaches, games and athletics curriculum is team taught with our sports coaches and class teachers for continual professional development. In addition, in Year 5, children receive weekly swimming lessons for half a year delivered by the expert staff at Southbury Leisure Centre.

At Bush Hill Park Primary School we believe it is vital to embed the importance of Physical Education as well as the fun element of being active within Early Years. In Early Years the PE timetable is slightly more flexible, children receive one lesson of PE each week along with physically active play throughout the day. 

Extra Curricular

At Bush Hill Park Primary School we offer a wide variety of seasonal clubs for children in both KS1 and KS2. We feel it is essential that our children to gain experience a variety of different sports. This includes; Boxing, Fencing and in the summer Tri-Golf with our local golf club. Participants from these clubs then get the opportunity to represent the school in borough competitions using the skills that they have acquired.

In order to encourage as many children to be active as possible and enrich extra-curricular clubs we use external coaches as well as our in school sports coaches. We currently have a link with Tottenham Hotspur in the Community where they provide us with a coach who trains the girl’s football team.


Yr4/5/6 Dodgeball
Yr1/2 Gym


Football Team Club

Yr3/4 Multisports
Girls Netball Team Club
Thursday Yr3/4 Gym Club
Yr5/6 Multisports Club


Sport Teams

Here at Bush Hill Park Primary School we offer an array of opportunities for all children to get involved in competitive sport. We have:

  • two football teams (boys and girls)
  • a netball team
  • a mixed tag rugby team
  • a mixed cricket team
  • a mixed rounders team
  • a mixed cross country team
  • an SEN team
  • an athletics team
  • a basketball team
  • a gymnastics team

We encourage and allow children to represent our school in competitions regardless of their ability level. As we offer such a range of sporting opportunities (both competitive and non-competitive) children have demonstrated raised levels of confidence, self-esteem and social skills throughout the school.