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Mrs Anna Theodosiou

KS2 English reading and writing

In KS2 English reading and writing is delivered through Success For All (SFA). SFA has a proven track record of raising standards in reading, writing and speaking. It is based on collaborative learning models of teaching and learning which also help develop children’s critical thinking, cooperation and communication skills. SFA develops children’s ability to work independently though extensive teacher modelling and team/paired work to support the development of key skills. SFA is successfully used by a number of schools in England and Wales. English lessons run daily for 90 minutes and comprise:

  • 3 days of reading from a set text
  • Comprehension activities matched to the text including 1 individual activity
  • 2 days of planning, drafting and editing a piece of writing inspired by the text
  • Weekly spellings using the No-Nonsense spelling programme
  • Grammar activities contextualised into the lessons.

Every 3 or 4 weeks children will focus specifically on their writing skills through an extended writing unit. This also gives teachers the opportunity to plan some bespoke grammar lessons/activities that reflect the needs of the group.
Children are grouped according to their reading age. The majority of children are taught English in their year groups. This does mean that some children may be set in SFA Groups that are above or below their chronological age. All children are carefully placed to maximise their learning therefore children are not necessarily taught by their class teacher but in SFA Wings Groups.

A very few children at KS2 will still require support in developing their reading skills either because of gaps in their knowledge or because they are new to English. They are taught through our phonics programmes, Read Write Inc (Year 3) and Fresh Start (Year 4, 5, 6). Our aim is to accelerate their reading progress so that they can join an appropriate SFA Group.


The Wings Group divide into:




Wings 2

6.5-7.5 years

Year 2 Year 3

Wings 3

7.5-8.5 years

Year 3  Year 4

Wings 4

8.5-9.5 years

Year 4 Year 5

Wings 5

9.5-11 years

Year 5 Year 6

Wings 6 (not yet used at BHP)

11+ years

Year 6 Year 7

Note for parents: If you are unclear about which SFA/Wings group you child is in please speak to your Child’s class teacher.

See below for a full list of books studied in SFA. For a more information on the writing and reading foci of each text please request copies of the Termly SFA planning.


Books studies in Wings 2

Books studies in Wings 3

Books studies in Wings 4

Books studies in Wings 5





Rita the Rescuer

The Hodgeheg

The Wreck of Zanzibar

Kensuke’s Kingdom

The Little Polar Bear

The Owl who was afraid of the dark

The Silver Swan

Greek Myths

Jim & The Beanstalk

Incredible Insects

Drag’n’drop: Digitext

The Mousehole Cat

Can’t you sleep little Bear?

Grace & Family

Room 13

Journey to Jo’burg


Robin Hood

Aldophus Tips

St George & The Dragon


Fairy Tales

Secret Friends

The Firework Maker’s Daughter

What I like (poems)

Feargal Fly Digitext

The Suitcase Kid

Classic Extracts


Amazing Creatures

When Jessie came across the sea


Mrs Vole the Vet

The Willow Pattern Story

Film Narrative: Rataouille

Johnny & The Dead

The Lonely Giraffe

Flat Stanley



Dr Xargle’s earthlets

George’s Marvellous medicine

The Goodtime Boys

I like this poem

Danger, Monsters, Aliens (Digitext)



The Highway Man

The Selfish Giant


Poems about the Sea

The Lady of Shalott

Bog Baby


Carribbean Poetry

Poems from Different Time

The Paperbag Princess


Spooky Poems

Poems to be Performed

The Gruffalo

Shape poems

Poems to perform (The Works)


Burglar Bill

Noisy Poems

Please Mrs Butler

Film Stars




Anne Frank

The Tiger Child

Natural record breakers


The daily life of a WWII evacuee

Amazing Grace

Making the past into presents

Life in Space

Space Probe

Lighthouse Keeper’s Catastrophe

101 Ways to save the planet


Quakes Floods & Other Disasters


The search for Tutankhamun

Greatest Warrior Knights

How to Persuade People

Fur and Feathers

Understanding TV

Have Your Say

Fantastic Mr Dahl


How a book is made

Roman Chronicles


Poems to be read aloud

Dear Greeenpeace

Ice Brick Straw: Digitext


Seaside Poems








Extreme Weather (digit text)




I wonder why spiders spin webs?




Oceans and seas




Presentation skills- media




Why do Stars Twinkle?