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Mrs Anna Theodosiou

Early Years Foundation Stage

At Bush Hill Park Primary School, we value the importance of giving children the best opportunities to develop their learning as soon as they begin their education in Nursery. Our aim is to teach children how to become excellent learners from the beginning and have created a vibrant, exciting and motivating Early Years provision to enable them to do this.

Throughout their time in Nursery and Reception, our children have activities both inside and outside of the classroom where they can take part in activities that develop their skills through playing and exploring. We aim to give children opportunities to take part in real activities, such as cooking, and to foster great skills across the curriculum.

We recently invested in our outside area and have developed a great physical area, water area, many stages to encourage their creative skills and an investigation area. We have also made sure that there is a sheltered area so that the children can enjoy learning outside in all types of weathers.

All of these activities are linked to the 7 areas of the Early Years curriculum. These are: 

Communication and Language

Understanding the World

Personal, Social and Emotional 


Expressive Arts

Physical Development


The Learning Book is an exciting new approach to assessing children in Nursery and Reception. It is an is an electronic journey of your children’s learning which parents or carers can have access to at home.

In the Early Years, we follow a different curriculum to the rest of the school and due to the age of our children, we do not record all of our pupil’s work in books. The Learning Book makes it possible for us to take photographs of your children’s work and achievements which we can then link to the curriculum and continually assess what the children have learnt and the progress they are making. Staff members are assigned a tablet which has been securely set up to only access the Learning Book software and they use their tablet to gather observations of the children as they learn through their play.

Parents and carers can be given access to their child’s ‘Learning Journey’ by providing the school with their email address. Once an account has been created, parents can access their child’s ‘Learning Journey’ as often as they would like at home, share their child’s achievements with other members of their family and even upload photographs of events or activities that can be shared with their child and their teacher.

When children enter Year 1 or move to another setting, the child’s account is removed and access to the Learning Journey ceases after 30 days. A copy of your child’s Learning Journey can be provided by the school if parents or carers provide us with a named memory stick.

Your child’s ‘Learning Journey’ can be accessed on:



Parent presentation (PDF 770kb)